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Katie Alice Greer is an artist, songwriter, performer, producer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Her debut full length album, Barbarism, is out now on FourFour Records.


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24 June 2022

Debut LP Barbarism out June 24, 2022 on FourFour Records

Out now on all platforms! Written, produced, mixed and performed by Katie Alice Greer, mastered by Matt Colton, photos by Kathryn Vetter Miller, album art layout by Seth Brau [link]

9 June 2022

"Lemonhead" by Tunnel,  directed by Katie Alice Greer 

Watch the full video here


10 June, 2021

Dedwax debut LP Ejector available on all streaming platforms 

Produced by Dedwax, co-produced by Katie Alice Greer, mixed by Larry Crane, mastered by Pete Lyman


11 February, 2021

Dedwax - 'Quit Living' music video directed by Katie Alice Greer

Stop action music video directed by Katie Alice Greer premieres.


18 October, 2020 

'Startle Response' film premieres, scored by Katie Alice Greer

'Startle Response,' a short film by Michèle Saint-Michel, premieres virtually at the Great Wave Festival in Berlin.

Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys remix 12" Dero Arcade

16 September, 2020 

Katie Alice Greer remix for Seth Bogart's "Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys" remix EP

Seth Bogart's Boys Who Don't Wanna Be Boys remix 12" features remixes from US Girls, Katie Alice Greer, Geneva Jacuzzi & more, coming soon on Dero Arcade 

No One Else On Earth EP by Katie Alice Greer

20 March, 2020

Three new music releases

Two EPs, No One Else On Earth and 3 Colors; and single "Wendi Deng 2020". Recorded at home and Washington, DC's Tonal Park Studio. All songs written and produced by Katie Alice Greer, featuring accompaniment from Mary Voutsas, Don Godwin and Laurie Spector on 3 Colors EP

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Katie Alice Greer

16 May 2022 - Los Angeles [tickets]

Bands & collaboration

Priests, Chain & the Gang, TFX/KAG and more


Production work

Mixing, recording, producing & pre-production work

Record labels

Sister Polygon, GAK

[spr] [gak coming soon]

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Music, politics, & culture writing

Music reviews, cultural analysis, interviews 

Selected works from publications like NPR, The Washington City Paper, Pitchfork, Fvck The Media, zines


Pamphlets & zines

Make Total Destroy, BBB/KAG, Blessed, Nothing Feels Natural zine & more

Selected works from limited edition/underground publications

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Music videos

Direction, writing, editing 

Short films

Coming soon



Coming soon


Visual art
Still from Priests' the seduction of kansas music video

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Selected mixed media collage work

How To Survive The Apocalypse And Other Things (Even If You Accidentally Set Everything On Fire)

Informal comic journal c.2010 


Flyers, album art, etc

Miscellaneous /Previous work

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Photos / Misc. / Past Work


Press photos and archive


Ongoing archive

Subversive Pleasure Radio 

Bi-weekly radio show on Washington, DC's Radio CPR

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